Tetrakys is a material that favors expression and intuition and development of logical-mathematical intelligence of children in their early years of life, stimulating mental evolution and neural development.

Through free and spontaneous playing children evolve their constructions until they structure their archetype of universe.

On the other hand, playing structured games facilitates understanding of binary code, multiplication, fractional numbers, Pythagoras’s Theorem etc. Therefore, the toy can be used as a didactic resource for comprehension of mathematics during primary school education.

Tetrakys’ concepts are based in the possibility of helping mental evolution through intuition and mathematical logic, the necessity of favor comprehension, construction, experimentation, verification, manipulation of materials in mathematics, respect to development of each children and the use of playing and trial and error as a learning experience.

This Internet website has been created to spread and to distribute the toy, to foment its educational philosophy and offer to parents and teachers the methodological procedures to become facilitators in the development of the children.